A feeling of worry. When someone condoles, or offers their condolences to a particular situation or person, they are offering active, conscious support of that person or activity.

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Reply MichaelMok
2:06 AM on January 17, 2019 
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Reply AlicePlait
9:54 AM on January 11, 2019 
Reply svyatoborsar
3:42 PM on January 6, 2019 
Reply zavodEntill
11:17 PM on December 18, 2018 
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Reply Vetebrafleelt
5:06 AM on December 16, 2018 
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Reply Edward (Sam) Jones
12:38 PM on November 16, 2018 

Hey Reds, condolence on the passing of Dannie. Sorry I can't make it to the funeral.

May his soul rest in peace.


Reply gregory pourier
2:27 PM on October 27, 2018 

Mas profundo condolencia i forsa na famia di Pedro luis Valdermar Wever.

Cu dois tume serke dje i warde pa semper.

Di parti di Gregory,Elba i demas famia pourier.

Reply Truda y Lorenzo
12:47 PM on September 28, 2018 

Nos mas sincero condolencia na henter famia di Sra Viuda Brigida Gomez-Kranken. Di parti di Truda y Lorenzo.

Truda y Lorenzo

Reply Andrewsef
4:28 AM on September 5, 2018 
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